Ice Information

2022 – 2023 SEASON


  • Please assign only one person from your team to contact the Ice Scheduler
  • The preferable method of contact is via email at


  • Please be aware that your team is assigned a specific time for your ice slot – even if the ice is vacant after or before that time slot, it is not yours to use. Your team is insured for the assigned time only.
  • Practice ice time can be “traded” with another team. Please contact the manager of the teams you wish to trade ice with. Once both parties agree please email the Ice Scheduler to confirm the trade. All trades will be confirmed by the Ice Scheduler via email. The Ice Scheduler must be notified of all ice trades prior to the ice time.
  • If you have conflict games on your schedule, the Ice Scheduler will be in contact with you to resolve the conflict games. Your game ice reverts back to NVMHA when it is in conflict or when there is no League-scheduled game.
    • Note: A conflict game is when you are scheduled by the League to play more than one game on the same day
  • Games that need rescheduling due to game scheduling conflicts will be done as soon as possible. Once you are given a new date for a game, it is your responsibility to inform the opposing coach of the date and time as well as your referee assignor.
    • Note: Games are only rescheduled due to double booking/scheduling or highway/weather conditions; games are not rescheduled for team/coach personal commitments


  • Some game times and practice times will be canceled due to Clinics, Recreation Centre needs, and game conflicts.
    • Note: The Ice Scheduler will do their best to reschedule canceled ice times, but practices may not be able to be rescheduled


  • Sometimes, ice slots become available within NVMHA. When ice becomes available, the Ice Scheduler will email all coaches and/or managers and send confirmations via email.
  • The Ice Scheduler will track who gets the ice and assign it accordingly. Last-minute ice will continue to be on first come first serve, but with more than 24 hours it will go to those that
    have missed or are owed ice due to cancellations.


WINTER BREAK – Dec 19, 2022 – January 2, 2023

    • Last day of ice is December 18.  There may be some ice December 18-22, if games are scheduled.
    • Regular ice resumes Tuesday January 3, 2023


  • NVMHA may lose ice at KMA and HJ in December, but dates are not known at this time Note: Teams who lose ice during these weeks will be placed on a priority make-up list and will be offered open ice first


  • Each team can book extra ice at their team’s expense. Please contact:
    •  NVRC: 604.983.6413
    • Ice Sports: 604.924.0828