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Equipment Locker Dates and Times

03/05/2018, 7:45am PST

for equipment return

Team Coaches and Managers  please note the following dates and times that your team equipment can be returned to the NVMHA equipment locker located at Advanced Storage Centre at 219 Mackay, Door #45. (just southwest of Capilano Mall)

Saturday March 10th 10:00am - Noon
Sunday March 11th 10:00am - Noon

Saturday March 17th 10:00am - Noon
Sunday March 18th 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Saturday March 24th 10:00am - Noon
Sunday March 25th 10:00am - Noon

Saturday March 31st 10:00am - Noon

Saturday April 14th 10:00am - Noon
Sunday April 15th 10:00am - Noon

Saturday April 21st 10:00am - Noon
Sunday April 22nd 10:00am - Noon

Saturday April 28th 10:00am - Noon
Sunday April 29th 10:00am  Noon

These dates are subject to change for unforeseen circumstances, so please check before leaving home.

All Jerseys are expected to be washed and returned in the manner you received them at the beginning of the year.

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