We have reinstated our ice at all our facilities and will be starting-up tomorrow on Monday morning, November 9, 2020, at our scheduled ice times.

As per the BC Health Authority announcement yesterday and PCAHA’s guidance we will be operating under Phase 2 Safety Guidelines which means all games are postponed and any on-ice activity will be non-contact practices or development sessions only.

Phase 2 Guidelines at NVMHA facilities:

  • Everyone will complete the NVMHA or Canlan health assessment prior to showing up at the facility
  • Everyone will show up no sooner than (10 minutes at KMA and HJA)  and (20 minutes at Canlan Ice Sports North Shore) prior to a scheduled event – late participants could be denied access
  • EVERYONE at all times will wear face coverings (i.e., masks) while on the property of the facility, within the facility lobby areas, and anywhere outside the ice surface
  • Face coverings will be worn properly over the mouth and nose and not as a fashion statement
  • Only while on the ice PLAYERS can remove face coverings
  • Coaches will wear face coverings while on the ice and can only pull them down to blow whistles or give instruction from a safe physical distance
  • Physical distancing a minimum of 6 feet will be maintained at all times while in the facilities and while on the ice
  • Practices or development sessions will be comprised of non-contact drills and skills development and maintain physical distancing at all times
  • A maximum of 24 participants in all the arenas

o   Canlan allows a maximum of 10 participants in the dressing rooms and allows 2 dressing rooms per team

o   HJA & KMA allows up to 24 participants (players, coaches, team officials, and AST’s only) in the arena – use of dressing rooms is not allowed for practices

  • Only rostered players and team officials of the team allowed
  • Rosters will be downsized by the administration to 5 team officials only

o    Team officials have been provided identification lanyards

o    Team officials will provide their identification lanyards at all scheduled ice times for review otherwise access will be denied

o    Any misuse of the identification lanyards will result in the suspension of the owner, user, and possibly the team

  • No Junior Coaches or siblings allowed
  • No external development coaching unless approved by NVMHA administration
  • No sharing ice with other teams or players
  • No horseplay in the arena lobbies or dressing rooms
  • No food or drink allowed in the facilities
  • Players will bring their own filled water bottles
  • Participate with the sanitizing of the arena lobbies by:

o   Taking whatever personal garbage out of the building with you

o   Tidying your personal space

o   Leaving the building in a timely manner

  • Direction from AST or Canlan staff will be followed without question or argument
  • Show-up for assigned ice times fully dressed and be prepared to leave fully dressed, there are only 5 minutes prior to and after ice times (No undressing at any time in the arena lobbies)
  • Be mindful of user groups before and after your scheduled ice times and work with them to transition from group to group
  • Be up-to-date with facility and safety protocols, each one has slight differences

*Anyone not complying with these Phase 2 Safety Guidelines will be denied access to the arena facilities or removed until such time as they can prove to the NVMHA administration their absolute compliance with the guidelines.

** The administration remains committed to providing a highly safety conscious ongoing hockey experience for the youth who are registered with NVMHA. We need to follow these guidelines and direction from our facility providers and governing authorities to safeguard the health of NVMHA, the players, and team officials. We will continue to adjust our operations as situations develop.

Thank you for your continued support and patience during this extraordinary time.