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Team Equipment and Goalie Gear

Please contact

Don Woodman

Team and Goalie Equipment

Equipment Locker Location and Schedule

The equipment locker is at Advanced Storage Centre at 219 Mackay, Door #45. (just southwest of Capilano Mall)

NVMHA Equipment Locker Times

 September 2019

Team Coaches and Managers  please note the following dates and times that team equipment can be picked up from the NVMHA equipment locker located at Advanced Storage Centre at 219 Mackay, Door #45. (just southwest of Capilano Mall).

Saturday Sept 14th 10am - Noon
Sunday Sept 15th 10am - Noon

Monday Sept. 16th 7pm - 8pm
Tuesday Sept 17th 7pm - 8pm
Wednesday Sept 18th 7pm - 8pm
Thursday Sept 19th 7pm - 8pm

Saturday September 21st 10am - Noon

Wednesday Sept 25th 7pm - 8pm

Saturday September 28th 10am - Noon
Sunday September 29th 10am - Noon

After these dates, locker openings will be by appointment only!

Note: These dates are subject to change without notice, so please check the website for updates before leaving for the Locker.

Goalie Gear

For Goalie Gear, contact Don Woodman - 
NVMHA has an inventory of Leg Pads, Chest Protectors, Blockers and Catching Gloves. These items are available for use by Goalies registered with our Association. Using this equipment depends on the quantity and availability of it in your particular Division.

  • Please respect the equipment as if it were your own to ensure NVMHA is able to continue this program for years to come!

Teams are welcome to use our goalie gear for spring hockey, but you must contact Don Woodman with contact information!