The NVMHA Board of Directors is announcing the retirement of our long time Registrar, Fiona Kilburn, who’s last day on the job will be March 31, 2021.

Fiona has most recently been with NVMHA as Registrar since 2010 and prior to that as Registrar and hockey mom when her kids were minor hockey age. Caring for the players and the orderly administration of the Association has seemed to be Fiona’s calling. With a strong sense of the rules and process, Fiona guided all of us at some point through the sometimes-daunting registration process, taking care so every player ended up playing hockey in the right place. As part of the Registrar’s role, Fiona’s responsibilities included updating player profiles in the Hockey Canada Registry, officially rostering teams and following-up on team official qualifications, credentials and reminding them when to renew or to resubmit for background checks. It was definitely an important role and Fiona carried out her duties with diplomacy and grace to achieve the desired results.

Fiona has always been there, data sorting for Rep tryouts, introducing new systems to make things better, attending general meetings to make sure the board was supported and so much more. She did this with intuitiveness for what was needed and without complaint, all the while knowing her contributions would help the players achieve their hockey dreams and ambitions. It’s always been about the players first and then the organization. This was evidenced by her desire to talk about the players and their accomplishments rather than the adults and their pushback.

This past season has been trying on everyone. Understanding the restrictions imposed on the administration, the players, and parents, Fiona took measures to guarantee the continued operation of the Association without being asked.

Recently, Fiona has become a grandparent and it sounds like a second grandchild is in the future. The last time I spoke with her, she was bubbly with excitement at having a grandchild to dote over. This is Fiona’s new calling.

I’m going to miss Fiona as I think we all will. She has just been there for us. All of us. Always reliable and ready to jump on any new problem which might arise and help make sense of the frenetic six-month minor hockey season. Fiona has connected with everyone in the Association through thousands of emails, numerous e-blasts, announcements, and phone calls.

Please join the NVMHA Board of Directors in thanking Fiona for all the accomplishments she has achieved over the years. For the legacy that she leaves behind, which has made NVMHA a better place for the youth of North Vancouver to learn and play hockey. We wish her the best in her retirement and her well-deserved opportunity to relax and enjoy whatever the future will bring.