Scholarship Program

NVMHA is pleased to offer scholarships for our graduating players.  Please download the packages below for more information and to apply.

  1. North Vancouver Minor Hockey Association (NVMHA) awards a variety of scholarships annually to U18 and/or U21 players who apply and are selected as best meeting the combined qualifications set out
  1. Eligibility
  • must have played a minimum of two (2) years in the North Vancouver Minor Hockey Association
  • the last two years of Minor Hockey play must have been with the NVMHA
  • in grade 12, or finished high school
  • C or better GPA
  1. Utilization of Scholarships - Players in high school will have two years after graduation to utilize Players who are finished high school will have two years to utilize a scholarship. (Upon receipt of a written request from a scholarship winner, the NVMHA Scholarship Committee can grant an extension to the two-year limitation). Scholarship funds must be used for tuition at a post-secondary educational institution or approved apprenticeship training course. Should the scholarship amount be greater than one year’s tuition, the remainder may be applied towards a second year’s tuition.

An individual may receive only one award in a playing season and can apply and win a scholarship in any subsequent year of eligibility.

  1. Scholarship awards:

NVMHA Scholarships are awarded annually as follows:

U18 Rep – 1x $1000;        U18 House – 1x $1000

U21 Rep – 1x $1000;        U21 House – 1x $1000

NVMHA Life Member Scholarship Awards are awarded annually as follows:

Up to 5 scholarships in amounts up to $900 each

  1. Qualification criteria:
    • Academic achievement.
    • School and community participation and
    • Hockey
    • Demonstrated leadership qualities and good character
  1. How to Apply – All applicants must complete the Scholarship Application Form (available from the NVMHA website). In addition, the following must accompany the application:
    • Letter from a community member, teacher, or coach attesting to leadership and community service qualities.
    • Cover letter outlining qualifications.
    • Copy of most recent school report card
    • Copy of transcript of high school grades
  1. Selection - Applications will be reviewed by the NVMHA Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship Committee is made up of Life Members who review applications and recommend awards. Winners will be notified in April.
  1. Presentation: formal presentations will be made at the NVMHA Annual General Meeting in May of each year.
  1. Deadline for Submission - Application forms and supporting documentation must be received at the NVMHA Office no later than April 7

There are three ways to submit your application::

  1. Mail: NVMHA c/o Rob Duffy, NVMHA Scholarship Committee, 2411 Mount Seymour Parkway. North Vancouver BC V7H 2Y9
  2. Drop Off: NVMHA mailbox located at ice level at Ice Sports North Shore
  3. Email: all forms and supporting documents in one pdf file to
  1. All applications become the property of the NVMHA Scholarship


NVMHA Scholarship Committee Chair Rob Duffy email:

Web site:


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