2024-2025 U15 Rep High Performance Program: Elevating Our Game

Comprehensive Training Schedule

  • Duration: This six-month intensive hockey program runs from September 23, 2024, to March 14, 2025.
  • Practice Integration: Our program seamlessly integrates with each team’s practice schedule, ensuring that players can fully participate without conflicting with their team commitments.
  • Professional Coaching: All on-ice sessions are led by outside professional skills coaches, providing expert guidance and personalized attention.


Competitive Gameplay

  • League Participation: NVMHA Teams will compete within the PCAHA League tiered levels.
  • Flexibility and School Integration: School-Friendly Hours: The program operates outside of school hours, ensuring that players won’t miss any classes.
  • Secondary School Choice: Players have the freedom to attend any secondary school; there’s no requirement for the SD44 Peak Program option.

Intensive Skill Development

  • On-Ice Practices: Couple with their regular team schedule of games and practices, HPP players can expect 65 – 70 practices focused on skill development, led by highly qualified professionals.
  • Dry-Land Training: dedicated Strength & Conditioning coaches will guide players through 45-50 hours of dry-land training. This component enhances strength, flexibility, and overall athleticism.
  • Video Analysis: We’ll provide on-ice and off ice video analysis and review, helping players fine-tune their techniques and decision-making.


Ice Time Details

Weekday Skills Ice Times:

6:00 am: Early-morning session to kickstart the day.

3:45 pm: Afternoon session for targeted skill work.

Weekly Off-Ice Training Session: Complements on-ice training and focuses on overall fitness.

Video Analysis: Monthly player analysis to test and measure player progress.

Example of a typical week including team ice times:

Monday- 6am HP skills ice / Tuesday- Evening Team practice / Wednesday- Afternoon HP skills ice followed by HP off-ice training/ Thursday- Evening Team practice / Weekend- PCAHA league games and tournaments


Financial Considerations

Cost: The approximate cost for this program is $3,000 per player. Please note that this fee is in addition to the NVMHA season registration and rep team fees.

Limited Spots: To ensure personalized attention, the program is limited to a maximum of 30 registrations, including goalies.

By participating in our U15 Rep High Performance program, players will not only elevate their hockey skills but also develop discipline, teamwork, and resilience. We’re committed to nurturing the next generation of elite athletes.

If you have any further questions or need additional details, feel free to reach out to the Director of Hockey Operations at operations@nvmha.com