Friday October 27th

Vancouver Giants Night vs. the Victoria Royals


Head-to-Head 2022-2023

Wins, Home Win, Away Win, Points per Game 

Giants 52.2%, 52.9%, 51.5%, 3.0. 

Royals 47.8%, 48.5%, 47.1%, 2.9. 

Western Conference 2022-2023 Standings:

Vancouver Giants 7th, Victoria Royals 9th .

Minor Hockey Ticket Fee $22


Vancouver Giants Minor Hockey Ticket offer. Watch a great BC battle as the Western Conference 2023-2024 Pre-Season 1st Place Vancouver Giants take on 4th place Victoria Royals.

Tickets to the game are $22 each and are a mix of corner and end zone. (Teams selling 25+ tickets retain $6 per ticket in funds raised.)

Contact: Your team Manager or Jane Schieman,